BINANCE:MTHBTC   Monetha / Bitcoin
MTHBTC break out resistance line. First target - 23.6 level fibonacci second next level.
Monetha have great news.
The first product version will be release on the 31st of March


is this trade active?
There is a golden cross on the 4H chart
Hello, pump and dump group, how do you feel today?
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Thank you, EXCAVO!!!
+2 回覆
Is this guy use chart for dump after pump?
+5 回覆
vaassu913 Khristopher
@Khristopher, no there is lots of people who follow him that's why there is problem of large amount of money goes in to trade u can buy it after the next leg stabilise
+3 回覆
Excavo, yu da mon!
Lil pumped prior?
Good luck
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Master1981 redking75
@redking75, Yeah, pumped, now it's too late to enter or you'll lose money.
+6 回覆
BMasked Master1981
@Master1981, The lie detector confirms.... That was a lie. It's called a breakout ladies and gentlemen.
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