BITTREX:MTLBTC   Metal / Bitcoin
Waiting for break out resistance line of the triangle.
- Stoch RSI indicators are crossing into an upward trend
- volume is building over several days straight
- also 30 and 50 MAs have levelled below the candles
- they are releasing a new website shortly before releasing a new app in Q1
- they have a low circulating and total supply
評論: Still in deep


Also have great feeling for MTL, 1hours chart has 3 doji candle, can consider, have great resistance between sell/buy. Haven't been low like this since 19 january. To me it has been great opportunity to buy but would be nice to have your advice on it. Thanks
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Hello Excavo, Could you update this trade? Thanks you!
I had this happen to me with BTS. Excavo had a chart, looked good, i bought in, and then the next day BTS was delisted from Bittrex. It when from like $.18 to $.09. But I didn't sell. I transferred it to Poloniex and just waited. It rebounded very nicely and is poised to reach ATHs very soon. I think the same goes for this one. It will take a little while for this one to finish going lower, but it will eventually bottom out and rebound strong. Good opportunity to pick up a few more at 30% off and dollar cost average. I would not expect this one not to make a major bounce right away. But I could be wrong. The market is looking for undervalued coins right now.
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onlysuper WhiskeyDeltaBravo
@WhiskeyDeltaBravo, well said. I am still optimistic. It's unfortunate that we had bad news at the time right before a breakout, but oh well. Holding my position.
wow, it's trading near all time lows.. broke ascending support.. should we expect lower lows?
I could have waited for an exit pump, but chose to cut my losses on this one. I'd rather not wait for it to bottom out further and from what I've heard binance isn't taking new users. There were other altcoins that were super cheap yesterday so I got into those instead. Sometimes you win, some times you lose I guess! Great opportunity for those on other exchanges though! Its super cheap now!
For guys who are in loss, i think the best bet is to transfer your coins to binance and hold till march 18. They are gonna launch a new website and their PAY App. Hopefully, price will pump huge with those releases and you will make good profits. Peace
It will be delisted from Bittrex!
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Sorry for all the loss but i think this is great opportunity for new comers like me. I will take the risk,it has laready bottomed i beleive
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