Mysterium Network Decentralized VPN

BITTREX:MYSTBTC   Mysterium / Bitcoin
"What is Mysterium Network?

Mysterium Network aims to be fully decentralized, peer to peer based and serverless VPN node network, designed to provide privacy restoring techniques to its users and financial incentivization to its node operators (providers).

Mysterium is definitely a longterm hold. I myself use VPN and we all know and how important it is for future internet. But i remember the first time it was listed on Bittrex but after that i totally forgot about this coin. It was one of the coins that interested me very much on Tech basis.
The market cap is currently about 62.511.331, with HUGE room for growth. It truly has been a GHOST town on the public-facing internet regarding Mysterium (and the MYST token), so any chatter at all on the internet could lead to exponential returns for this coin and we could see it reach the top 100 coin market caps in a matter of days . According recents tweets of the Myst team theyll be announcing more news, they also are preparing alpha release.

hodl to death.

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