Prices slashed
評論: The price is picking up
評論: Nano stands a ood chance of bouncing here
評論: Nano price could make it to the 0.009s - Unlike a lot of coins at the moment Nano isn't interested in going up fast! The RSI on the daily chart is surprisingly high considering how little the price has moved
評論: We're airborne - Could see the 0.0010s
評論: Double bottom
評論: Nano's been cut deep, to the bone - Passed thru the previous bottom
Amazing how it bottomed twice on the outside arc line. The whales must be reading your charts.
Nom_de_Guerre maverickgood1
@maverickgood1, we are just using the same secret slant on maths as them, thats how we can rob them so regularly *)
7600 looking cheap.
This is probably better than most TA out there anyway.
@imdrax, haha i dont want to get deep into analysis, its kinda hard to get scientific once you've drawn the chart like this
Nom_de_Guerre Giorgioversace
@Giorgioversace, merci mon ami *)
Time to buy!
+1 回覆
Wow... great art!
@FinkPloyd, Thx bro, cool name u have lol
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