NAV - Bullish (Shitcoin) [200%] [short term]

I'm really bullish on NAV and it started to move already. I think today it will reach target #1.
This is a shitcoin, also low volume ... so be careful and know that there is a great risk but for a great reward.
交易進行: On track to first target.
評論: So far we made 25% in an hour!
評論: Sold out at 24.5k sat, because I got to sleep and cannot monitor the coin. (its a super risky coin, so I dont trust a sell limit order)
Still a lot of great potential, buy in keeping the risk in account and keep an eye on it at all times.
評論: Hope that you guys sold with my update. The BTC rally affected all the alts.
取消訂單: BTC will change everything we had planned. I'm cancelling the trade until further notice.
交易結束:目標達成: 38% - Target Reached!! Hope that you guys made money.
交易結束:目標達成: Target 2 was reached as well
Fast forward 6 month later : Hey @DCFreak what are your thought on NAV/BTC?
DCFreak Enhancement321
@Enhancement321, They are just getting their app on the apple store, which is not the same as "working with apple"
Anyone can get his app on the apple and google stores.
This coin is going places one of the best under the radar coins out there. The development team is top notch professionals. Verge shouldn't even be getting attention with this coin as competition...
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DCFreak Notda004
@Notda004, yeah a lot of people have been talking about that on Twitter.
Remember verge started it's trend because of a tweet from John McAfee.
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Well done guys, nice trade. I was thinking to get on the NAV train when it was $1.70 and then all that pre X'Mas downfall I totally forgot about it... You think it will go back to the low $1,50?
DCFreak MedinTrade
@MedinTrade, oh yeah, all alts will drop back to the accumulation region when BTC corrects. So if you are going for NAV long term, wait, you can get it at a much cheaper price, but not now.
Short term... up to you but its really risky to invest in it now. It could definitely go for higher targets, but its kinda hard at the current situation of BTC price instability.
MedinTrade DCFreak
@DCFreak,I think so too, I will wait and see about NAV. I've been watching ADA(Cardano) for a bit (since$0.15-20). What's your take on it? Did you already published an idea on it?
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