Another look at NEBLBTC with VPVR

BINANCE:NEBLBTC   Neblio / Bitcoin
VPVR shows us that NEBL is at a very healthy price level.

The white lines around it shows the developing VA , value area; where all the trade is happening.
The POC , point of control, shows where the very most trading volume took place. It's the chalk blue horizontal line
We're at the bottom of this and the only way is up!

RSI is above 50; for me, this is a very strong indication of buyer pressure.

MACD is flattened out: this means we are going to face a consolidation phase, but because we are at the bottom of the trend line , this means that we are only going to go up in value.

評論: Watch to see the recovery process of NEBL as BTC's price continues. Usually when trend line is broken because of BTC's price going up or down, it can be possible for a pop up back to its original pattern. On Binance's website, the 15min interval shows wicks on the bottoms of the candlesticks, indicating buy support and a possible support floor for NEBLBTC.

At the moment, it looks like BTCUSD is still following its own price action line, but I am still trying to figure out why such a small run up caused alts to bleed so hard.

Hello, I'm novice at using TW (free use) & I'm looking to use this VPVR indicator since few days.. But I can't find it out in the indicators. I search for "volume", "profil", "VPVR" and others but don't get it.
Can you tell me if it's available on the free version of TW? If yes, how can I make it appear?
Thanks a lot in advance.
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