NEBL/BTC - NEBLIO, what a strange name to take big profits from

BINANCE:NEBLBTC   Neblio / Bitcoin
Hello, ladies and gentleman! I am offering to you a good to grab hot new coin with very little circulation amount of roughly 12M coins in it's early phase. You can read more about the product on coinmarketcap as I am not here to advertise them, but to help you win money from them. currently sitting at 245k sats             around the 50-fib level, after correcting from today's previous run, I think we are ready to hit Eliot Wave number 3 from the small waves and Eliot wave number 5, which if it goes beyon the previous ATH             will complete the BIG wave number 3 as you can see on the 1D chart. I am giving you a 2.5 risk/ratio with stop loss at the 618 fib level.

Entry (buy-in) zone : Preferrably around 235k sats             (618 fib) but anything under 250k sats             is good
TP1: - First profit taking will be at from 330k to 340k sats             where there will be a resistance at the fib level
TP2: - Second target - 400k sats            
TP3: - Last target - New ATH             to finish wave 3 of the big cycles.

Trade open at : 243k sats             .

Happy trading!
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