Possible cup and handle developing

BINANCE:NEBLBTC   Neblio / Bitcoin
Neblio seems to be setting up for a very nice cup and handle scenario. Just a possibility to look out for. If it does play out, very nice profits. I'll be keeping an eye on it. Lets all have a cup of tea for good luck!!!
評論: well, it pulled back into a handle earlier than expected. This negates the cup and handle formation, since the rim did not reach the level of the other side. It will still bounce up, in my opinion, just not in the way I suggested here.
Thats what im thinking about neblio since 0.00103 level. Good to know some people thinking same !
dcattey BilginGuler
@BilginGuler, not sure if it will play out, it seems to be falling back, still looking for a jump though, I may put out another chart later today
Sammd777 dcattey
@dcattey, could you create a new chart please?
dcattey Sammd777
@Sammd777, On Neblio? Sure
Sammd777 dcattey
@dcattey, Thank you. Let me know when you post one.
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