NEBL +46% target 0.0036501 BTC

BINANCE:NEBLBTC   Neblio / Bitcoin
Bleeding continues in crypto, but a few key coins are surviving well. NEBL seems to be doing well.
what a flat was that?)
What is the technicality behind this? A rectangle on the left so we will see a rectangle on the right?
@MAZEM, Bullish flag.. or it was.. When I draw two boxes like that, equal in height, it's usually because I see a flag, bullish or bearish or a pennant.
@MAZEM, btw, it's nearly impossible to see accurate technicals right now. The Bull and Bear markets are fighting it out like crazy. I'm not surprised that 80% of my calls the last week have been terrible. This is an unpredictable market and it's best if people just HODL and wait for things to return to normal after this consolidation period. But I'm impatient, so I keep trading. LOL
lol it was doing well yesterday
Tin.Foil Jamiemoss100
@Jamiemoss100, until I jinxed it by posting about it.. damnit.
@Tin.Foil, everything is anchored to bitcoin at the moment... be interesting when everything diverges away from it
@Tin.Foil, this is shitcoin anyways, today everything on Binance was in the green apart from one coin.... NEBL...
nginx Jamiemoss100
@Jamiemoss100, lol great logic. NEBL was not green on a given day, so it must be a shitcoin. Do some research on this coin. It's one of the best coins in the market right now. Expect to see NEBL in the Top 30 within the next 6 months.
@nginx, no its shitcoin
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