#NEO +43% Target 0.01633 BTC

BITTREX:NEOBTC   Neo / Bitcoin
While the markets are bleeding, let me give a little suggestion to stop the bleeding. NEO.. Neo will save the Matrix.
評論: NEO has been up 500% in the last 35 days.
評論: I've been trading since 2013.. I'm kind of used to this.
評論: This bleeding is but a blip on the radar for NEO.
評論: Either buy now, or buy later.. but I think this is the current bottom for NEO, unless there is some other major drama coming (I kind of doubt it).

評論: Here's another one for you
Kyber (KNC) +356% in the next 31 days
評論: Keep your eye on the prize! For those who are wondering, that's the Green arrow we're following.

評論: So I took some 1000% gains from VOISE and sold them off today. Moved them to NEO just now. Hoping for +50% in the next 48 hours.

Be one of the first to get some new coin back! Get back in and take some risks with that play money you've made from pennies you've invested.

評論: +11-12% incoming any minute..
Is this guy got hacked? He's starting to be silly day by day.
Thanks tin foil!
and once again your wrong
Tin.Foil Jamiemoss100
@Jamiemoss100, Wait for it.. my targets often take 2-10 days longer to come in.. but if you are patient, they often will.
@Tin.Foil, alright, i dont mean to criticise as you are trying! but then maybe delay everything your doing by 2-5 days
I’m absolutely no pro , just a beginner, and I think your predictions are absolutely wrong , but it’s also my learning material now so thank you for the mistakes
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Tin.Foil SookiriBatilla
@SookiriBatilla, Give it another 24 hours, then come back and tell me that.

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@Tin.Foil, Everyone seems to complain about your charts, but they just need better buy and sell signals/trading effort in my opinion. I love your chart's they're a gold mine! Just apply some good TA or even basic fib tactics, and you'll start trading better. If you're here you probably don't have a plan. Try a proven strategy, fibs work great in forex markets.
mindboxed SookiriBatilla
@SookiriBatilla, If you actually look at @Tin.Foil 's analytic's over time you will see why I and over 5,000 others follow him. I've made mad profits from his on point analysis and am continuing to do so. Therefore I must disagree with your absolutely unsubstantiated statement. Tin kills it.
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donyewuc mindboxed
@mindboxed, I have actually. And pretty much all of his predictions have been wrong on both time and date, at least going back the past month or so. You must have picked all the lucky ones.
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