Neo potential BREAKOUT incoming , get ready .

BITTREX:NEOBTC   Neo / Bitcoin
Nearly all the Altcoins had a horrible time trading against BTC 0.93% , Neo was no difference.

There few upcoming Ico´s ( Aphelion ---> Qlink ---> NEX ) on Neo which likely will increase the price , the Bitcoin 0.93% correction could let the Altmarket breathe and work for us too.

Target low 0.0050´s-0.0062 short / mid term.

Stop lose i would recommend under 0.004 should be enough (for traders only ---> long term = HOLD )
Dont invest more than u can afford to lose.

Here some interessting dates for you :)

Upcoming events : NEO (NEO) - dApps Competition Ends Nov 16 2017

China Open Source Conference 2017 Nov 19 2017

GAS (GAS) - Announcement 10 Winners Nov 26 2017

NEO (NEO) - Da Hongfei to speak at Blockchain World Conference in Bangkok Dec. 4 2017

NEO (NEO) - Listing on Coinrail Dec. 5 2017

GAS (GAS) - Listing on Coinrail Dec. 5 2017

NEO (NEO) - Technical discussion about NEO platform and NEX architecture Dec. 13 2017

ICO : Nov. 15 2017 Aphelion

Nov Qlink

Dec? 2017 Nex

I hope you found this idea helpfully and made some profits :) ---> then please share some love and help your friends to earn more aswell <3
its one of my first Ideas which i puplish , hope i could help you abit - Have a nice DAY !

if u want to spend me an coffee <3

Neo : AaPXs4c6zwmc5ExDsZQpdRS5oPqvYjH6qh

BTC 0.93% : 1P5iyD5PadWMSAongZpnLnUK7KngdgL1VJ

ETH : 0x288eaf1f5e7ad3c457262c70d32bbb5808c628be

Much LOVE & thanks for your time - y0gi
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