$NEO about to break out?

BITTREX:NEOBTC   Neo / Bitcoin
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I was bearish on NEO for some time (see link below) and it worked out as expected. We already touched the blue box onxe and it looks like it can break out any time.
Starting to think that we might have seen the bottom for now, unless BTC is gonna do some more dumping time.

Trading advice: just wait till it breaks out, might take some hours/days but it will come. It might make some smaller moves around the current trendline .
Once it breaks out and forms a bullish consolidation on lower timeframe, you can hop on. (see link below)

I will update when it breaks out to see if we can determine a target.

Happy trading!

What are your current thoughts on NEO?
I am still looking for a further drop towards 0.00315 - 0.00181 to finish wave 4.

NEO breaking out now? If so, what's the target?
does this count as the breakout? volume seemed to have been increasing tho nothing to boast about. wondering if it's a fake out before the breakout.
nice chart. bought some neo too :)
breakiout? with this much fud?
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@tnguta, my thought exactly. I thought it would be an impossibility to accurately predict what the market will do in this climate.
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