$NEO 2 scenarios where I'm looking at

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I'm doubting which way NEO is going, therefore I'm showing you 2 scenarios.

My previoius set up described a downtrend for NEO (right chart) and 1 more leg down.
Yesterdays sudden upmove broke out of that pattern and is currently making a bull flag on lower timeframe.

If I draw the upper trendline a bit different, price stays in that downtrend and it might fall back indeed to 5.

Looking at the trendlines , right side is how it should be drawn. Looking at current pattern forming, I tend to go for a new breakout towards 0,001 as 3rd leg.
Sep 09
評論: Looks to me that the ABC was the first leg in the WXY, currently in a bearflag which indicates more down

Ed, great charts... I'm new to you chart analysis but I'm convinced it had one down turn too looking at them.
When do see the next elliott wave breakout? ATH? Thanks
You are awesome,thank you .
may sent the SNT chart please?
Awesome. Thanks! Any updates? Seems to broke a trend line and made it support.
Good work Ed. Thats my vision about NEO/BTC
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uknowsam Supernova_elite
@Supernova_elite, i geuss the .618 fib acts now as an support
guess the flag was bearish. should we see a continuous decline on NEO/BTC? I'm leaning towards the right scenario
I Guess you mean 0,01 io 0,001? ;)
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Hi Crypto_Ed,

Big fan! Congrats on the 5k twitter followers.

Any particular reason why the right side is "how it should be drawn"?
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Crypto_Ed bbigg888
@bbigg888, startingpoint of trendline is normally AFTER an impulsive move. In this case the move down from the top
@Crypto_Ed, hi Ed.. thank you for this. So because the resistance line was passed, we will most likely not see wave 5?
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