$OMG making a correction before further up

BITTREX:OMGBTC   OmiseGO / Bitcoin
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Previous set up hit the target in that spike.
Looks to me that OMG is making a correction after this push up which seems to be caused by a photo 4 people standing in front of a Google-logo ;-)
I saw a bearish divergence on MACD which makes me think, it might retrace towards the blue box.

On biffer TF I'm expecting more up, maybe next pump is a picture in front of American Express office, or whatever :-)

I'm kidding a bit, I think OMG has big potential.
Tradingadvice: follow pricemovement, if it breaks the trendline with a big bullish candle, we already have the breakout for up, otherwise let it fall back to the blue box and look if it bounces in that area.
Sep 08
評論: Lets go up now after that dump into the blue box
almost there. cheers
Hats off to you Ed. Spot on.
Touched square and bounced back. You're the most precise crypto trader that I've seen. Kudos!
punch through the trendline.. but retraced immediately.. i never know what to make out of these events...
Crypto_Ed valueerror
@valueerror, thats exactly why i say: buy after the break out
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Funny! :) Love it.
spotted a small hidden bull div on 1hr rsi
nyze nyze
@nyze, could be a kijun-sen bounce is all we get
Nice chart! Is it possible to do a TA for XEL pretty please ?
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