$NEO one more leg down?

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I was looking at the chart and trying to find reasons that NEO could break out to the upside.....
Unfortunately for some of you , I didn't those reasons.....for now.
I thought we made a 5 legs movement down, but re analizing, I think the chart and legs should be labelled like this, what gives me the idea that we might get one more leg down.
Look to the left, its a blue zone which I marked also in my previous NEO chart. Its the accumulation zone before the big pump. Fibo extensions also confirm we might go to that area again. MACD also not showing signs of recovery.....

is this still valid? I'm getting serious fomo as it's climbing back up!
pisces38 pisces38

some "speculative good news" just came in... huge buy volume came in because of it. is it still going to come back down below .0040? much appreciated!
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may analys the lisk please ?
I agree with your analysis. I entered at a my min buy entry at .0055. Looking to enter at .0025 at my max entry as well, since that seems to be the bottom of the buy range. Good stuff.
China banned ICO fundraising and Neo is a chinese thing. There might be a link.
You know I think you are right about it, one more fall to almost full retracement maybe $10-15, i have a lot Neo, might wanna sale and add more when the next wave starts, might be able to pick another 300-400 when I buy at the low. We all trusted in this coin way to much.
Nice brother
I sure hope this happens. I'm looking for cheaper NEO. But what about the Red Pulse ICO coming out of on the 10th? Won't that serve as a catalyst for higher demand / prices?
This coin reminds a lot of what happened to Stratis. Won't touch it.
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