$XVG wait for further correction

BITTREX:XVGBTC   Verge / Bitcoin
1881 4
We've seen a nice breakout, followed by an upmove which missed my target just a bit (on chart). See below the link to my previous set up.

I'm noticing bearish divergence on MACD , so I'm expecting a bit more correction towards 135 and from that area, we could expect a possible bounce towards the next target in the 280-300 area.
That target can only be determined imho after we finish the correction.

Tradingadvice: let the correction do its thing and wait for the mentioned area, I will update when we reach that area.

Thanks for you analyses. Agree, it has to correct the move further :)
Hopefully it will correct more like the 100level. Keep also your level.
Many BIG great news will come within this month for XVG, so it would be very cool if it retrace hard this week, so it has enough oxygen to the upside both with the news releases that is coming :)
Mmmm - did not come down to 130
Crypto_Ed without_worries
@without_worries, maybe now...its in the blue box again and I'm awaiting a further correction in BTC which might make the alts suffer..... In the end: I also dont have a crystal ball ;-)
agree with your prediction!
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