$ZRX broke out and might go for a wild ride up

POLONIEX:ZRXBTC   0x / Bitcoin
ZRX got dumped pretty hard after a first pump after listing on Poloniex.
Today we saw a break out of the downtrend and right now a correction and maybe a retest of the trendline .

I've heard several big players whom are expecting a big move up (pump). As far as I know, the fundamentals are O.K. for this coin.
Volume is low on Poloniex nowadays, good chance to get things moving.

Tradingadvice: keep an eye on current price action, if its forming a bullish pattern or a fat green candle, try to get in. This might make a big move (at least x2)


Hi Ed. Would you please do a follow up on ZRXBTC? Thank you.
Are you still bullish on 0x? It's hit rock bottom it seems. Great charts btw. Thanks.
noideaihave noideaihave
@noideaihave, and china ban on ico's prob why its dropping - being an exchange on the etheruem network for erc20 tokens..... wondering how low can it go?...
At what point best Buy?
how exactly do you split your charts to 2 timeframes before you publish?
Crypto_Ed team_USA
@team_USA, only possible with a pro account
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But if you would start your trendline right on top of the first high, crossing a bit above the second and third high, then it seems like hardly any breakout, no ?
@AltG, on top of first, second and third makes it even more clear
AltG Crypto_Ed
@Crypto_Ed, Thanks for the clarification! One day I'll tip you
Best follow of the year, thanks Ed.
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