$PIVX correction first?

BITTREX:PIVXBTC   Pivx / Bitcoin
PIVX made a nice bounce out of the blue box but didnt break out of this pattern........not yet.
Could be interesting to see how this continues.
One more leg down, before breakout?

Keep your eyes on that trendline, once it break out==> buy after some consolidation. Check my link below how to trade breakouts.

Possible targets can be determined once break out is a fact.
評論: Forgot to update this one, but trade is active. I bought some at breakout and later on retest of the trendline. This is a trade for midterm, so I dont have a target yet..... might go big.


When you say short vs mid vs long term what time periods would those roughly equate to? Like would short term be a couple of days and midterm a couple of weeks?
Crypto_Ed Piston_Honda
Do we have a blue box TP for PIVX? It seems moving upwards.
Are we heading back to the blue box?!
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