Are you sure you don't want to ride with it? NEOBTC fully geared

BITTREX:NEOBTC   Neo / Bitcoin
Welcome to this interesting analysis solely made by your author ej o_o. Well, I want to frequently publish ideas since I'm fascinated with some likes I got from my anlaysis. Hahaha. Enough with the crap. Let's start it!
So, let's look on this interesting pattern I've seen on NEO which quite give me a pulse to published an analysis for it. Hahaha.
As you can see, an ascending triangle could be seen on the 4hr chart of NEO which is quite a good look to traders' eyes 0_0.
But of course we don't want to ride on a plane not knowing if it is safe from the first place. We can see that NEO was already on the upper part of the 200 EMA which we've not seen for about one and a half month. It also made to pierce through the red cloud with a bright green cloud in our sight. Another interesting sight is the decrease in volume of NEO which is a signal that any moment it is already prepared to launch. Well it is based from what I learned from here :http://stockcharts.com/school/doku.php?id=chart_school:chart_analysis:chart_patterns:ascending_triangle_continuation
So, will you ride with it knowing that it is fully geared?>_<
Thank you for those who read all of that.
評論: NEO trying to pierce through the ascending triangle. Ready,Set, Launch! Hahaha
評論: NEO still in position within the ascending triangle. Let's see it will go through today!
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