NEOUSD broke out triangle after tested support line and Neo have one way. NEOBTC movng in falling wedge , near demand zone . Next 3 day we will see news about neo and this new will affect the upward movement
評論: NEOBTC in demand zone
評論: Break out resistance line of the wedge
交易結束:目標達成: !!! i hold


What would be a new target ?
REAL important question to ask - once a target is reached are you selling and putting the $$ back in fiat or another crypto? I'd like to know because $$ sitting in Tether is risky too...
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@timj, I’d like to know too
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@timj, Trade against BTC, not USDT. Increase your sats as sats increase in value against the dollar. More BTC = more $$.

This method isn't "crypto trading law", just a widely used practice.
sedwargul Hulksbits
@Hulksbits, But if BTC value goes down then Less $$, isn't it. So should you convert to USD\USDT when crypto value is higher ?
Hulksbits sedwargul
@sedwargul, Look at the bitcoin charts over all time. Work out how much BTC has gone up against USD on average annually and you'll see why people trade this way. BTC:USD value is really only a concern to me for; 1. the small portion of my trading account I use to trade BTC:USD and - 2. finding a good time to take some profit out of BTC and back to my AU$ bank account/home loan.

There is no right and wrong with this, you need to satisfy your mind so you can make successful trades. Working out what works for you is a process of asking relevant questions (which you're doing) and analysing the responses.

As I have been around BTC for a long time (trading alts less time) I use the historical data/prior knowledge to predict future movement and it has worked for me. One thing the historical data tells me for sure is that year in year out $1=$1 but BTC keeps on multiplying against the dollar. I hope this helps.
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Hodl or hold :)
hknymz mceviktekin
@mceviktekin, Hodor
Why are all Alt Coins Crashing now when Bitcoin has gone up?
reloaded111 enriquefujita82
@enriquefujita82, from what i understand, people are taking money out of alt and moving them to bitcoin. There may be a different explanation to this. However, this is just my opinion.
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