NEO - The ETH of China - Finally Some Strong Momentum!

As a long term speculator/investor in NEO' this is one coin I will just hold for the long term. Of course this can be painful while you watch other coins go from zero to 60 and your coin is still changing it's tires. NEO' is that coin. But jumping in and out of markets is a recipe for disaster. You pick coins you think have promise and just hold and wait patiently.

I love marketing and NEO' did just that, but wait, they didn't have a product and this has led to many issues within the NEO' community and moreover it's venture capitalists. This is not how a company should act by releasing news of an upcoming "BIG ANNOUNCEMENT" only to find out it's a release of their white paper. In regular markets you would be going to jail!

But these are not regular markets, so they got away with it. But I am long term, and young leaders make mistakes. This is their pass, and I think a lock down from the powers that invested early (venture capitalists) has kept NEO' away from making more silly mistakes. But NEO' none the less is moving along.

What caught my eye recently was their "big development competition" co-hosted with Microsoft'. Now let me be clear to many new investors. Partnership does not mean investing! I hear all the time IBM' partnered with yada yada yada. Partnering and investing are two different things and you should understand the difference. From a Microsoft' stance I want to get my name out there as many times as possible for clearly marketing purposes, to show to my shareholders that we are getting involved in this new technology, so be cautious on buying the news of these partnerships. There is a clear difference in "partnership" and "investing"!

But NEO' has almost a lock down on the Chinese market and one of the largest trading partners in the world. They can flex their mussel and will want those doing business in China to use their products. Yes they can not control the likes of cryptos but they can control the businesses that use them. So NEO' has an advantage at is the "home team". As an investor I missed out on investing in China in the stock market, but I'm not missing it here.

So we have broken out of the resistance line and I have a long target level of $125 from here. Now this is long term and once they do have a working product and developers start writing apps this could quickly be the next $300 coin. Short term I think we see some profit taking around $55 area and a quick retest of the $45 level which is where I will want to add and trade. Again you must monitor and read the charts as we go and I am already invested HEAVILY in this coin and have added in the $27-$30 range, so my situation may be different. Trading right now, everyone is a genius!
Hey Goldbug can we please get an update on NEO?
Do you have an update on NEO Goldbug? Thanks :)
wow neo has worked out perfectly as per your bottom chart!
goldbug1 jasonlau924
@jasonlau924, sometimes it's amazing how they follow the counts, but they do not always do that.
goldbug1 thebestbin
@thebestbin, thank you!
Bought it after saw it at 55 and fall back to 43. Hope it continue like you analyzed.
goldbug1 tungcisco
@tungcisco, Hope your taking profits ;)
tungcisco goldbug1
@goldbug1, I bought with so much confident after reading your analysis. Save me a lot of stress, really appreciate Goldbug1, I haven't sold though, will hold till 130.
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Sold at 54 and bought again at 46, what should be the next target before 130?
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