Growth Trend Continues For NEO

Compared with other assets, NEO is demonstrating the most confident growth. On the chart, we see a clear growth channel, in which the price has been moving for 10 days straight. At the same time, the steepness of the channel imposes certain demands on the bulls, which will not be easy to fulfill. Therefore, we believe that in the near future the channel will be broken downward.

In this case, a correction to the 0.5 value of the Fibonacci grid is possible- into the mirror-level region of $62.4. While bullish sentiment prevails on the market, we don’t see any reason for the price of NEO to fall lower than that. In the asset’s analysis, the easiest thing to see is the perspective growth target- it’s clearly visible at $80. Just how quickly it will be reached is a much more complicated question, but we believe that it will not happen in the next two days. As stated above, today we expect a minor correction and horizontal trading in the range of $62-$70.

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