Neo Buy Opportunity

The market moves in the borders of the horizontal price channel between 32.00 and 26.00 levels. The price bounces from the support zone formed by 27.00 and 26.00 levels. RSI confirms price reversal. It's buy opportunity and we can place pending orders at 28.30 level with stop at 26.50 level. The main profit target is the up border of the price channel and it's 31.70 level. If the price breaks this resistance, probably we'll see upward movement to 37.00 level. This level will be good as the 2nd profit target for long trades.
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Great call Sir! Congrats on this analyse !
i can not understand you how you could tell the people that we have a buy oppurtinity! Bitcoin still rising up and all the Altcoins go down and you say buy opportunity!
@srg3517, short trading, some people like that. It weird you made a complaint about the free advice you can take it or leave it, bro.
If it weren't for the fork we really would have had an opportunity here! Hopefully everyone got out in time and had rhe stop working.
But...the opportunity might even become a bigger one when BTC is forked ;-)
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Bitcoin rules the cryptoworld. Definitely until the fork.
If the fork goes down well (Bitcoin stays Bitcoin, S2X diminishes) we can see an even more accelerated upward movement with corrections along the road.
Big money is on the start lines, the average Joe does not know anything about altcoins.

I keep alts but it's really difficult to sit and wait. I have the most part of my portfolio in Bitcoin with a big HODL sign written on it.

What happens if S2X steals hashpower? Nothing really good. Everything will suffer. BTC, S2X, altcoins.

Let's hope for a quick showdown around November 18th after which Bitcoin stays king.
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@Hunor, thanks for interesting comment! I support your idea!
Dimitri thank you as always for your great analysis, I just created a TV account but my friends and I have been following you for several months. Just curious... even in this alt blood bath prior to the fork do you recommend NEO right now? Would it not be better to wait a little longer until 1-2 days before the fork?
nginx PaasCrypto
@PaasCrypto, Ha ha I am thinking on the same lines. Every trade I have opened recently has triggered the stop loss. I feel like taking a time out and wait it out till the fork drama blows over. Those stop losses are starting to hurt badly.
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@nginx, stop loss orders protect your deposit. If you can hold long positions in long term, it's possible to open long trades without stop on Top Altcoins.
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DLavrov PaasCrypto
@PaasCrypto, I share with your trading opportunity for this market. If you don't think that it's good idea - you should skip this signal. Trading, it's not about to be right all the time - it's impossible. Loss trades are the part of profitable trading, don't forget about it. Proper money management, stop loss orders help to pass through such unstable conditions without any problems.
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