NYMEX:NG1!   天然氣期貨
We have a triangle pattern in development on daily timeframe possible as a wave B of bigger ABC structure.

Be aware we might still have a last down leg to retest bottom of structure or it can take of from current level or slightly lower.

Either way it will an excellent trade so do not miss one..

Good Luck !!
評論: Nice bullish price action.
評論: Please be aware above structure is possible as and at moment momentum indicates second scenario is most likely outcome. I have moved SL to 2.71 level and eventually will be looking for entry near 2.22 level
Hi Pablo, could you please provide an update to this idea now? Looking at your original chart, it did not hit the stop-loss mark and seems to have bottomed based on last week's technicals. Thanks.
pablo82 JMNIK

I think still price will fall more from now.

I will be looking for entry around 2.22 as previously said.

I have closed my position as previously mentioned as was expecting different structure development.
JMNIK pablo82
@pablo82, Thanks Pablo!
this scenario is very possible, but it may happen a few months from now, maybe when the summer comes
Hi Pablo, thanks for this idea on NG. In your last comment, did you mean to say that you are looking for an entry near 2.72 level or 2.22 level? Thanks.
pablo82 JMNIK

I will be looking to entry near 2.22 if price mange to break 2.71.

Close buys below 2.71 and reopen them near 2.22
JMNIK pablo82
@pablo82, Thanks!
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