nVidia | Shorting the Bubble?

NVidia             closely resembles the Bitcoin             chart! The manufacturer closely supplies digital infrastructure companies (crypto miners), many of whom are currently contending with low digital asset prices, regulatory clampdowns, and expensive hardware prices. Consolidations are imminent. And the secondary market for GPUs will likely slam retail prices and orders with the manufacturer. I already have the intel             on the manu             side ;)

So, ideal place to short was $254.71, which will have stops placed just above it. The BO level is $219.72 for a momentum short. Targets are marked according for profit taking. All this market need is a catalyst and we're off! If we trade above invalidation level I will update.
評論: Ok. We are at the first support line. Let's see if this breaks down, which may bring us to the BO level and a break of the second support line. RSI has a bearish divergence ;)
評論: Attention! We are at the BO level.
評論: Candle close below BO level will validate our plan :)
評論: We're trading back in the bullish channel. Its kissed the pivot, let's see if we breakdown again (fingers crossed).
Are you short on nvda?
Agency kesheriyaji
@kesheriyaji, yep!
@Agency, do you think the asic eth miner coming out will also flood the market with GPU soon here...eth is having it's own issues etc.
looking like a good analyis there. what do you think the time frame is for the TP Mid level for you?
Agency aikitran
@aikitran, for Nvidia, time runs out July. And then it will have one more shot before year end.
For ETH ASICs I'm thinking this will impact AMD as well - it will be double wammy. But a closer look reveals the Bitmain product is not much stronger for hashing, and consumes more electricity. A bit more inferior maybe. But thats just an opinion. Watch the charts and trade the patterns.
@Agency, yes, i agree. thanks so much . are you shorting amd? BTC?
Agency aikitran
@aikitran, for now, yep
So far your model is playing out. Talking heads in media keep attributing the tech-wide downturn to fallout from facebook, but that doesn't seem too persuasive to me.
Question: Do you think that this was the last rally for the week in your opinion?
Agency GrandMasterTwitch
@GrandMasterTwitch, I think we have until the 24th for a breakout to the upside (above $254). After that, time runs out and the stock will have to consolidate. That will trigger a bearish scenario.
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