NXT 30 MIN 50% Gainer

Look for NXT to bounce off of the support line around 8500 +/- as it prepares for an airdrop tomorrow. Be holding NXT in BITTREX and a few other exchanges for a( .5 - 1 ) drop of Ignis . Major ceiling at 14,000 will present as a good place to take some profit unless some other signals appear on the way up. I will develop a more specific target plan later today. Do not miss out, pull your profit from BTC at 16,750 and be holding this coin before 12/28/17
評論: Here we go. If we stay above 10,200 look for a quick run up. BTC slight pull back!
評論: BTC is still causing issues. Low volume is holding the uptrend back.
評論: BTC Finally pulling back a little. We started the move again. I will set some targets as soon as we see if its holding.
評論: The fluctuation in BTC is killing this thing. Every time BTC is going up it’s stalling out. The overall market volume is very low and people are chasing whatever coin is moving up for the minute. I still think NXT will jump but it may not happen with the timing of the airdrop as I originally thought.
評論: With the lack of volume the trend is not materializing as I had hoped by the initial indicators and patterns. If the support line does not hold and we break below 8600 then 8200 is the next major support line. If the trend is still traveling down it will look to 7000 for a new support line.

Suggested stop loss at 8000 to avoid an additional tumble to 7000 if we break below 8200 if you are not in for the long haul.

Still long on this coin to 13,000 +/-
評論: BTC late to the party. Last surge pushed us belolw the support line. If you took a stop loss there maybe a re-entry point around 7000 if this trend reverses. 13,000 is still possible but its not looking like by the end of 12/28/17. I will update again as soon as we see if there is a bottom. Lack of volume has been plaguing this all day
評論: BTC movement with such low volume is tying the movement with NXT much tighter then expected. The money seems to be following anything that is moving right now. If you sold at 8000 look to get back in at 8200 if the trend is headed back up for at least 1 30 min candle. Due to the low volume and the continued movements you may wish to set your stop loss 10% lower then projected to allow for the movement. All the main indicators still point to 12,500 +/-. Remember be patient and this may take 48 hours to develop or longer. Do your homework and remember this is just an opinion based on the information at hand and market sentiment is a fickle bird. I will update this chart in the am. I am still long on this coin.
評論: Remember NXT trades will be disabled around 6:00 PT. Rattle the bushes get everyone on board bring some buying support in.
評論: based on the current volume and BTC flopping up and down there is no sustained movement on this. I am reavluating my target but I think this will be a short, quick run up right before 6 pt. I anticipate a 4:00 pt run. I’ll update in the half hour
Only 7 hours left before trading gets blocked, the pump won't come anymore I'm afraid, got not high enough and dips to low.
vthokiee97 JonaM13
@JonaM13, starting to string together some green candles. I posted an update on my thoughts based on the current volume. If BTC continues to trend down we might just hit these by 6pt
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Update pls?
vthokiee97 ErcanGoktas
@ErcanGoktas, looking at the chart. Still suffering from low volume and BTC movements are directly impacting the movements of most alt coins. I’ll revise shortly.
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Not saying this to loud but I think the lift off has finally started :)
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I guess I won’t be getting any sleep tonight. The long for 13,000 would be around what time frame?
vthokiee97 SteveGoodspeed
@SteveGoodspeed, yes looks like no sleep. See if we can find a bottom. Depending on BTC movement this may be a bit longer. I anticipated BTC moving down off of tis latest surge by mid afternoon so that was part of the equation for a fast uptrend
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What would you set the stop loss at?
vthokiee97 saleen115
@saleen115, Depending on your entry position. I believe that if we tumble below 8000 its down to 7000 for support. This is my stop loss if you are not in for the long haul.
It's still dropping. I purchased it for 5700 sat. Now I am little worried.
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