NXT: Delayed Gratification?

Yup, it's another NXT idea...
With the whole market in a somewhat complex correction,
NXT is not an exception (Now, I understand why the argument that NXT is a dead coin has been made but I disagree: The project has been around since before the crypto craze that began last year and NXT will still play a role in its growth as it has with ARDR and IGNIS). Now that I've got that out of the way, Here's a chart showing some important Gann angles and as you can see, NXT has been slowly making its out of its bearish angle on the 4HR, towards a more horizontal one. Strong support is holding around the .00003000 level and the heavy buys at this price level would confirm that the NXT downtrend is coming to an conclusion. In addition, this current Elliot Wave correction pattern is indicative of an ending diagonal (another indication that reversal is near). I've been bullish on NXT so for the sake of transparency my hopes for a reversal may stem from this but the TA agrees. Despite the constant extensions of the downtrend and price suppression, NXT is on the path to a reversal.

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deep to deep
NXT is dead.. it will only be around for another year or so. The ignis airdrop killed it, and Ardor is where the future of this coin is now.
cryptoswitch Arvin_Darred
@Arvin_Darred, even so, RDD and VERGE and DOGE and DGB were considered dead at some point... Half of all coins "die" at some point. hell, people say BTC is dead everyday and price is way currently higher than it was less than two months ago!
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Arvin_Darred cryptoswitch

#2 - The core development team has promised to support Nxt for at least one year after the release of Ardor. We are talking about software that will be actively maintained until at least the end of 2018.

That does not sound very promising at all..
@iOracle, Thanks! I must have missed the update throughout the whole ignis airdrop fiasco.. lol If the coin will continue with new development. Then yes, absolutely this is a great time to buy.
rgbcrypto cryptoswitch
@cryptoswitch, Agree
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