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Chart with time retracements and important (current) resistance lines. Watch, learn and see!
評論: So from what I see is that both BTC and the other USD pairs are bearish till 21 January. After that they should be heading up. Alts BTC pairs might dump a bit but the USD should go up.
Buy 0.29-0.40
Sell 0.53/0.65/0.82
Expected date of up, after 21 January.
評論: Nicely in the wedge, should eventually break up and pump.
評論: Chart with price levels
評論: 0.46-0.53 TP, these are daily EMA 20 and 30 Resistance
評論: 4H Timeframe and Waves
評論: Its out of the yellow triangle/wedge which is a good sign we are breaking resistance, daily macd turning bull would help us further.
評論: Mathematical heat-map where and when to buy are best
評論: So sell target around 0.50-0.63 cent.
評論: Big 2.5 million USD buy wall on Poloniex :D
So yesterday there was a big wall and it bought some good amount around 0.36-0.38 cents and was not pulled away, my idea is that this would be for longterm accumulation then since we are at a pretty low level for NXT. It appears to make a triangle wave and should then head up after breaking out this consolidation.
On the right side you can see volume bars where relatively speaking is bought most at that price.
評論: We are getting there!
評論: And really pushing that upper resistance now, take off today I think!
評論: Update on NXT USDT, it failed to hold support sadly but will retest 0.43 cents in future. With such down retracement (ATH at $2) it's better to hold since retracement will kick in. We are most probably going up after 10 Februari, some bouncing until then and consolidation.
評論: Well it hit lowest 0.12556 line, sideways possible but I still expect a big retracement up in the future. Towards +0.30 area if not more.
評論: It has been a long wait, but NXT is leaving the white dotted resistance shown in main chart. This means the major resistance from the downtrend is ending.
評論: NXT Targets 0.3425/0.43/0.58 cent.
評論: NXT making cup and handle, inside a larger cup.
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NXT Targets 0.3425/0.43/0.58 cent.
I panic my loss now 800$ I do not know what to do if he watches bitcoin down can some sell?bought at 0.37
cardan6006 cardan6006
@cardan6006, 40% loss. it is not known how many months will be restored
TheTrex cardan6006
@cardan6006, Sorry to hear that, BTC literally dragging everything with it down.. You can decide to sell now and buy lower, it could go to 16-20 cent and bottom there.
@TheTrex today is the end of the bear period? @skinwah sent me a nice chart with syngergy with yours


Is this one finally ready to take off or is it just trending with BTC right now. Been getting frustrated with NXT, thought I was smart accumulating it two weeks ago.....
TheTrex ThankUKind
@ThankUKind, Well we are still following the blue area where we were to buy
+1 回覆
Can we really expect this coin to hit 1.5$ ? Analytical chart analysis only looks at numbers but does not look at the politics what’s going on in life ...

I am not trying to bash this coin since I have almost a good amount sitting on hand, But my question to everyone is this:

Considering the fact that it appears as if the development team ( which is dismantled and trying to find a new crew by the way ) will abandon this coin in one year, and considering the fact that it appears that they prefer working on ardor and ignis,

Isn’t it wise to sell the coin around $1.25 if it even gets that high? Numbers are one thing and politics is another
i wanna be in ur squad!
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