NXT - Looks to be starting strong move up on Daily Chart

What's up my traders!
Good entry point now on both 4 hour chart and daily chart . As long as bitcoin doesn't crash on us again hard, this could be a very nice trade.

Entry - $0.0125 (Still good time to enter a long position anywhere from $0.125 to $0.13)

Stop Loss: $0.11 ( I want to give this coin plenty of room and don't want to be stopped out prematurely. I'm ok with risking 8% on the downside which puts us around $0.11 as the stop loss.

Target: Short term I'm looking for a 30% gain in this trade. Which would put target at $0.165. Always willing to adjust as we approach target. Best case scenario is we get a move up to $0.25 area which is where this coin bounced to after the crash on Feb 6. That would be nearly 100% profit so not my most realistic target. I'd be thrilled with 30% profit in this market.

RSI - Absolutely has bullish divergence on the daily chart . That is what I'm most focused on, the daily. PLENTY of room for growth on the Daily chart . On 4 hour chart the RSI is approaching 70 so also very strong signs.

MACD - On Daily Chart we are also seeing bullish divergence (if you look realllllly close!). We're approaching the 0 line and beginning to see the blue line start to ever so slightly pull away from the red line. This is showing a growing interest from the buyers. Once we can break the zero line I think we'll really see NXT begin to move.

EMA's - Perfect perfect set up on the 4 hour EMA's. The 8, 13 and 21 EMAs have all now crossed over the 55 EMA . This is clear sign that if the market stays healthy, this coin is set to run. The Daily chart still has a long way to go before we get the same scenario playing out, but I'm taking the shot anyway as we seem to have good support for NXT around this level of $0.127 which was it's low back on February 6th after the crash. And it bounced nicely from there at that time.
手動結束交易: We traded this coin to a 20% profit in 3 days. Sold into strength on the Bitcoin bounce.
評論: This coin is still rising ! I took profits after 20% but now those who held are well into 30%+ profits. Nice!
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