Are you ready for TP2?

In my last trading idea for this pair, I mentioned that is a long term trade. Right now I see an AB=CD pattern but not ready to entry because of RSI in the 1 hour time frame ir oversold so you will need to wait. Also you can see the simetrical triangle formed in the RSI 4h timeframe so if it is broken, so that is your time to entry. For TP1 I took my profits on time (almost the same price we´re right now) and waited for correction so now we´re ready for our next profits. This one wont be so profitable as TP1 but risk reward ratio is still 1 to 2 taking us to new support. Anyway, it will depends a lot of what happens to DXY and oil , and also we have CAD news for thursday and friday. Good luck with your trade.
Apr 05
交易進行: Be ready for EP. Market will be probably pricing tomorrows employment data.
Apr 05
交易進行: Not yet since is oversold in 15 min time frame. Wit some correction first and then go for it. All yours.
Apr 05
交易進行: You can go for it now.
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