NZD, CAD, AUD / JPY Still could Drop if it Bounces off this Line

Money floods against the Grain. NZD JPY, CAD JPY, and AUD JPY's could all drop at any moment now.

My Strategy is basically a basket trade shorting /JPY pairs while they are in larger time frame downward trends; while referencing other charts that are strongly correlated. AUD CAD, GBP JPY, are positively correlated to the AUD JPY at about 81% and 92% respectively. EUR AUD, USD CAD are negatively correlated with CAD JPY at -95% and -83% respectively. Of course, all of the /JPY's have a strong positive correlation, but I personally believe that AUD, CAD and NZD to be the most correlated.

I am Shorting CAD JPY, AUD JPY and NZD JPY. Of which, the NZD JPY has been the most profitable for me. It is also the closest to the end of its parade at 75.6. I do believe there is more drop left in these wonderful pairs. At this moment in time, I believe that all three of these pairs still are able to drop and drop hard when they do. Because of this I try not to scalp these pairs as their drops could happen very suddenly.

Currently (11/21 5:30), CAD JPY and AUD JPY are at a bit of triangle compression (reference a 15 min chart to see this) after breaking through strong hourly resistance levels.

Once, one of these three show significant downward movement expect all three of them to fall together. At that point, I recommend you to Sell down to their support levels. If they break through their support, please sell further shares down to their previous hourly supports.

So what again are we watching for on these three pairs? The triangle break outs that are soon to happen on AUD JPY, and CAD JPY on the 15 min chart. Also, we are watching what happens to the NZD JPY when it reaches that mid level resistance line within its established hourly channel (ref posted chart).

Please feel free to ask any questions

評論: Its happening now btw! 8:25
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