OMGBTC - Wait for refuel

BINANCE:OMGBTC   OmiseGO / Bitcoin
Tools used:
  • Bollinger bands
  • CM Super Guppy
  • Chande Momentum

Far out of Bollinger bands , expecting heavy retracement back to possibly 0.5. Guppy trend shows that this would not be a good buy right now. But could that be a factor that should be ignored if this was an accumulation phase?

Scaling in orders from 0.001249 makes the most sense, perhaps higher, as the top wicks on the past three daily candles doesn't show confidence in a continuing trend. Possible FOMO stop limit order at 0.001750s if the bull flag confirms.

Momentum looks great on the daily but is bearish or indecisive on lower time frames.
Crpyto tips appreciated! You can't lose value on what you don't have ; )
Lightning network:
BTC - 36GUCF9CAzrtgkXs199NELscFcc8bnchE1
XRP - rf5rHXUAgdUh3YbgaqeW8VWfoRwnTXNN48
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