$OMG showing strong signs of recovery

BITTREX:OMGBTC   OmiseGO / Bitcoin
2040 6
Seems to me that OMG completed a 61,8 correction of the total upmove from the beginning.
This means, a new trend has started which should be leg 3 in a total of 5 legs. Top of the leg (which just started) might be somewhere towards 0,0045 (rough calculation).

To give this leg some good start, it needs first to break the yellow trendline and at a later stage the blue line.
The above mentioned target is long term, first of all we need to see a continuation of this recovery process.

Will update when I see its going in the right direction.

Update: cant change the chart anymore, I accidently deleted the fibo calculation on the Daily chart , but from bottom to top, we made a 61,8% correction.

Nice charts. Btw what is the green arrow on righ hand chart bottom signifying? Tx.
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thank you! OMG going to blue line!
ETH also looking good. which one is more strong reversal in short term between ETH and OMG?
Always appreciate your charts Ed, I have a question that's been bugging me though and wanted to ask you...

How do you know which exchange to use when using TA, I normally use Bitstamp but things can look very different when looking at another exchange.
thanks for your great work... always appreciated!
Was waiting for your thoughts on this one in particular. Previously you mentioned that there was nothing going on with this coin. Since then it has dropped precipitously and does look like it is starting to make it recovery at long last
Awesome work as always. We're always grateful for this!
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