BITTREX:OMGBTC   OmiseGO / Bitcoin
I'm seeing a closed triangle correction wave here.. after a healthy retrace to at least fib 0.618 level

StochRSI is showing a hidden bullish divergence and just crossed in the oversold area
RLI above 50 pointing to the top..

this coin is looking good for a long entry!

OMG released a lot of good news and some rumours to argue about ( apple logo on skateboard)

"Ministry of Finance in Thailand, Start using #Omise #Facepay from today"
"OmiseGO SDK page launched. Build a wallet for payment, loyalty & rewards, remittances and cross-wallet transactions."

disclaimer: this is just plain TA - it can narrow down the entry and exit points but it can not predict what the market is going to do. trade with care..

評論: good start - bad finish..
broke trendline.. new triangleformation... lets see if it plays out this time

評論: bounced again .. needs one more try.. be careful if it breaks lower trendline
評論: this setup is still valid... it just takes longer than excpected..

LISK, XRP and Monero probably took all the attention..
wee need a strong push through the upper trendline in order to gather enough attention for this coin to start the next leg up...

評論: here we are.. here we go..
評論: let's try something positive on this black monday..

OMG is back to the demand zone where most of us accumulated more OMG.. we can use this chance to get even more OMG and we have this beautiful symetrical triangle forming in the 15mn chart..

you are the market - it depends on what YOU think -- up? or down ? sell now with no (or little) actual loss or bet on this coin once again..

交易結束:目標達成: this was a nice ride..
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