$OMG heading back to accumulation zone?

BITTREX:OMGBTC   OmiseGO / Bitcoin
I have no idea about this coin, just looking at it and noticed similar pattern you can see in all new coins.....
After launch, some while easy going (accumulation), prepump, accumulation,pump and dump back to the accumulation zone.

I'm not predicting its going back down all the way, but I think it has a good chance to do so. You can find these movements all over the place.

Let's see!

評論: Nice breakout and making new highs, but.....
There is bearish divergence on RSI and MACD, therefore we could see a test of the yellow trendline which gives good idea what's next

評論: Another move up and still not breaking the trendline, but it didn't make new highs.
Therefore, I'm still looking for (C) if it breaks the trendline.


Hey Crypto_Ed,

what about that support line, even if we get there, don't you think it should hold it?

sagawa sagawa
sagawa sagawa
@sagawa, Looks like its breaking the resistance on my chart right now
@sagawa, and back down ;-)
But we both are looking at different stuff. I'm just observing the bigger picture while you are trading on the 15min.
Good luck
sagawa Crypto_Ed
@Crypto_Ed, yes, and btc ruins the fun again. At least it holds the support.. for now
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