Simple token (OST) - Getting ready to TRIPLE in May? (x3 pot.)

Following some previous examples that have done very well, Simple Token seems to be heading the same direction.

We already saw it with Verge, where I highlighted the cup & handle potential, but also the sell moment (the day of its major announcement, a typical dump day).

We saw it with ICX, for which I've been on the spot for over 20 trading days (just to tell you that it makes sense to read this post :) )

We saw it with Cardano, where I called the end of the downtrend / the bottom, and the subsequent forming of the second part of the cup and handle .

I find the Simple Token case similar, but somewhat less certain of panning out as a cup & handle scenario. Nevertheless, I propose this as an idea, as I believe there is lots of upside in this fundamentally sound cryptocurrency. If it breaks resistance at 3353 sats (the 78,6% Fibonacci correction level), we'll be heading to the 61,8% level at 4776 sat, which is already 40-50% higher (roughly calculated :-) ). If we kindly continue on the cup & handle pattern, we're in for a "tripling" in May - beginning June alone. And the thing with cup and handles is, if the handle is formed, THEN the actual upward part starts.

In short: an undervalued crypto to keep an active eye on!
PS: could you gently click the thumbs up button 10 centimeters to the right of this dot: .

hey man, any update on OST? the rising price in OST didn't happen, have any update on this coin? @A_Cryptastic_Mind
Any updates ? Great post and chart - huge believer in this project..
it seems hard to break out for OST
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