Possible X3 for XRP - RIPPLE (+200% potential)

The chart says it all and is quite comparable to my previous posts on Cardano and ICX (and XVG for that matter).

See what happened with XVG here:

We have a strong support line and we seem to be heading into a nice triangle break-out. This would likely push us through to 105181 sat. That’s only the first level. The other fibonacci’s highlight the next levels for profit taking
—> 129074 sat
—> 148386 sat
—> 167697 sat
—> 195191 sat
—> 230213 sat

If we look at the MACD we see the golden cross followed by upward momentum. We are just getting started.

Note that the “SMI” almost shows overboughtness, which could result in some red candles before the move up. But overall it looks like we’re good to go.

This is just my personal view, scenario is in favour of the bulls for now. DYOR :)


Apr 23
評論: Looks like what should be a second bull flag.

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