OSTK: Possible Support After SEC Probes Into ICOs

The sec probes have added uncertainty to many bockchain companies with icos and this has negatively impacted stock prices. The fear in the market, however, is unfounded since the findings of these probes has yet to be released. the SEC's actions seem to be precautionary and are not specifically targeting bad actors. This means that retail investors may be able to buy ostk at a significant discount in the short term.

The market seems to be going sideways, and makes swings for those having bought in around 60/share a bit uneasy. The market could head south out of fear and uncertainty. uncertainty with the sec probe and earning for last quarter. the earnings may be negatively impacted by the btc/bch debacle, which could have lost ostk quite a bit of money. A bounce off the 50 LEVEL is hopeful, but if this breaks then be looking for a return to the 40 mark. This is assuming no affirmatively bad news for the company.

If there is a bounce up be looking for new resistance around the 56 level gap. None of this is trading advice and is only the opinion of a retail investor. You are responsible for your own market decisions.
big time head and shoulders forming -- bearish
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