$TENX PAY long and short term view

BITTREX:PAYBTC   TenX Pay Token / Bitcoin
3rd chart out of a serie of 3 for my Twitter followers.

We can see that price is making a 5 legs structure wave to the upside and just finished a deep pullback after a big move up.
Normally, 5th should be at least equal length of leg 3 which means a new ATH .
Price broke out of the downtrend and retested the lower trendline . It bounced from that trendline which is a good sign.

Shorter term: quite simple==> as long as price stays above the yellow trendline , its a good buy for a possible big move up.

評論: After the stormy days, we dropped out of the pattern and formed a new one, but it didnt change anything on the bigger picture (1-5 wave).
Right now, its recovring and looking for a break out today.
In the current pattern it formed an ABC-correction.
Watch for breakout and buy after for target mentioned on chart


is it valid as per the timeframe you shown... from 9-18 sept ? i mean the targets could be reached by then?
Do you think the trend is broken? The cap seems to be flowing to Monaco and TokenCard

Thanks for the analysis
@kash27, still valid for me
Leg 3 always the longest. This leg won't equal it
Crypto_Ed PatRickG
@PatRickG, allthough I'm not a die hard EW follower and not waiting for long discussions about it but I remember the rule "wave 3 is never the shortest" often the longest, but its not a rule
How far up do you think it will go?
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