BITTREX:PAYBTC   TenX Pay Token / Bitcoin
PAYBTC moving in uptrend channel ,
Breakout from Falling Wedge

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手動結束交易: Bad news for Waves platform and related projects
評論: Who have the link on related news, please send to me
評論: Found it, thanks Phoenix

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Interesting. If you are a true chartist, then news does not concern you...
rodrigo-lorenzo Earthmatrix
@Earthmatrix, you are wrong, because news influences in the person's decision. The market isn`t a robot
I am new to cryoptos, Tenx is still trading at 0.0002400, is it worth buying?

You really think the price went down because of the news? TenX is on sale and it was correcting anyway. I just bought a bagload. Dr. Julian Hosp is a serial entrepreneur and knows how to market and sell.

TenX was slowing down once it reached the 40k sat. mark anyway.

It's like China ban of Bitcoin. No one will remember it a few weeks from now.
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You wrote 'Bad news for Waves platform and related projects' did u mean TenX? or WAVES?
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@sushrest, PayX using waves platform to supply credit cards
sushrest a.shevelev002
@a.shevelev002, ahh right .. thanks to letting me know.. wasn't aware of that.. i thought tenX had their own protocol called comit
TENX is a disappointment
Had to sell my position with MCO for the same reason. Least I walked with profit, just not what I was looking for.
I dont think TenX and Monaco cards are getting affected by this!
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