TENX - PAY bullish signals

BITTREX:PAYBTC   TenX Pay Token / Bitcoin
So PAY is a really interesting crypto which aims to remove the barrier between crypto holders and fiat businesses. They do this through ATM cards (real and virtual) which can function as a regular debit card using the major cryptocurrencies ( BTC             , DASH, LTC, ETH and more). By holding PAY, you earn a percentage of the transactions as well, which is paid out in PAY. Vitalic is apparently one of their primary investors, not an advisor, so that says a lot.

On this chart, we are seeing a few bullish signals which could mark uptrend on the way after major correction.

1. Bullish divergence on the RSI vs price
2. EMA 9, 30 are now providing support for price. EMA 50 is very close as well and awaiting crossover
3. MACD has crossed over signal line and is heading into positive territory

If you are conservative, then I would wait for the crossovers and positive MACD for more confirmation. I tend not to as that can cut profits by a good margin, but these signals are far from clear cut at this stage. Fake outs occur all the time.

Good luck.
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