BITTREX:PAYUSD   TenX Pay Token / US Dollar (calculated by TradingView)
Looks to me that PAY token is ready for some drama, either positive price growth or more falling. I am expecting new highs.

If the Previous highs to current lows is the decending trend line , and the lows are on a acending trend line (albeit modest incline only). Then We are wedging and will pop or drop soon.

Given the news that TenX might be opening an USA office, according to Cofounder & pres Hosp, and given that their banking license is coming, and their card issuance is still apparently on schedule, I think dropping further is very unlikely.

I think we could see price increase to over $6.00, if we can manage to break above the descending trend line resistance. Which today is around 1.35 USD, and tomorrow will be a little lower.

So if we can get above $1.35-ish, and stay above, I am very bullish , and would expect $6.20 approximately as a new high.

TA is really new to me, if you think I am missing something obvious, Id love to hear it. :)
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