mythoPOEtical... or not (a review on PO.ET)

BINANCE:POEBTC   Po.et / Bitcoin
Its POEtic!

Real quick, for those who do not know, what is POE? This is a relative young token that was introduced in Sept. 2017. There is not much noise around this token which could mean it is a good time to buy. Po.et is great concept for a decentralized media economy. Po.et allows publishers to time-stamp digital works by using blockchain, and can create a digital fingerprint that can mathematically prove an article has not been altered or tampered with. Authors/ Writers/ Songwriters/etc. now have an option to turn to when they want to protect their works from being plagiarized online. So to say the least, POE has found a nice niche, it could be huge when/if adopted by publishers and could have huge potential.

Soooo... Here is a look at POE and a pattern I see that could be repeating from late 2017. The first pattern was only a span of 1 week and the second has been a span of several months, however they look like they are forming the same way. The resistance line seems to be following the bottom of the symmetrical triangle which we see is getting close to the end. IF we see POE break downward and out of the triangle and below the resistance line we could be heading farther down to around .000002 area. HOWEVER, if POE starts to rise like I think it will we could see HUGE gains in the next few month. We still need to pay attention to see which direction it will choose.

Buy In = .00000605 - .00000640
Stop Loss = .00000545

Target 1 = .00000846
Target 2 = .00001135
Target 3 = .00001781
Target 4 = .00002200 (300% profit)

Happy Trading :)

Much Love


***This information is not a recommendation to buy or sell***

*Please leave a comment and let me know what you think!!!
評論: Not sure why 'POE' link is generating you to a different stock. Sorry for the confusion if you have clicked on the ticker symbol.
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