Time to turn on the POWER!

BITTREX:POWRBTC   PowerLedger / Bitcoin
With the current state of cryptoland, this coin should get a decent pump!
Fundamentally solid, and with a sligly undervalued marketcap I believe.


So yesterday we got some good news from PowerLedger.
Thai-Government backed BCPG agreement!
That's substansial and should increase the hype. It's a new coin, and there is a lot of speculation money flying around now. That's what I think could equal increasing demand for the short term.

POWR is a little difficult to fundamentally judge. It's very techie.
However, I like the team and it definetly looks like they are doing a lot of work and have some important connections.
That's enough for me to invest for the short-mid term. I see a good risk/reward ratio.
But I would recommend small percentage of portfolio.


You may know that I don't like to draw on BTC             parings. If there is no USD pair I tend to go much more on the fundamentals.
However, I have added on some fib levels to where I think we could face some resistance. And the pitchfork is always nice to follow for support levels.
My target for this trade is around 16900 SAT.

I have added it to my Portfolio-Spreadsheet.
Where you can follow what changes I make in my hodlings.
評論: I get PM's wondering if I pump coins now, lol!
Maybe I got some whale followers.

評論: Powerledger looking good today!
I am looking for bigger increases, but it's always smart to lock in profits.

評論: Still bullish on Pwerledger! :)

評論: That didnt take a week! Nice surprise :)

PowerLedger is closing in on my target, and I think the likelyhood of it hitting is relatively high!
評論: So wrong can you be! Ohwell, let's have a look again :)

what is the target ??
Is it a problem that it dropped back down to resistance level? Just trying to learn, I thought that it would be fairly stable but I was gravly mistaken.
@Underr8ted, This is a BTC pair so I dont rely very much on the TA on these pais :)
rakulr PRO Kryptokelly
@Kryptokelly, look it to ETH. Way more disciplined, though volume is like 10 times lower. The volatility of BTC is too high because of correction swings, hence the amplification of squeezes.
Im neither a fan of Ripple or BCC, but im a fan of yours! So i would definately have an eye on this update idea!
@Acel, Haha! Appreciate that Acel :D I am actually a fan of Ripple even though I like the ideology behind Bitcoin better. BCash I absolutely hate! Investing in it is just an exercise in forgetting about emotions.
Will do my best to keep it updated! Though we are not far from target :)
Hi @Kryptokelly , I was wondering, what is your way to take profits off the table? You go into USDT or you reinvest in another opportunity or some other tactic?
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Rockphish Sanre4l
@Sanre4l, I fork in to another opportunity or place in a BTC, eth or LTC until I find another opportunit
Sanre4l Rockphish
@Rockphish, that makes sense. Especially if your overall trading tactic is to increase your BTC position. I gotta say, I'm a little anxious as to when the flippening will happen. What if BTC just doesn't move due to lack of confidence in it and by the time lightning network is implemented, XRB or something else will have taken over.
@Sanre4l, Yes I sell for USD and take the profits of the table.
In 2017 I had a strategy with 30 coins with different percentages (4%,2%,1%). So if I sold one coin I had to buy another for the same percentage of portfolio. If there was profit left, that was taken off the table.
If I had lost, I had to add from my dollar holdings.
In 2018 I am changing strategy somewhat. Going down to 20 coins, and removing trade portion of portfolio (will write blog post about the reasoning). Making each coin 5%.
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