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For example you have 100.000 Total Capital
You can spend for One Trade: Only 10% of your Free Capital

  • Your Total Capital: 100.000
    First Trade: 10.000

  • After 1st Trade your Free Capital: 90.000
    Second Trade: 9.000

  • After 2nd Trade your Free Capital: 81.000
    Third Trade: 8.100

  • After 3rd Trade your Free Capital: 72.900
    Fourth Trade: 7.290

  • After 4th Trade your Free Capital: 65.610
    Fifth Trade: 6.561

  • After 5th Trade your Free Capital: 59.049
    Six Trade: 5.9049

and so on...

* You can increase 10% to 11-20 percent for trades
評論: Notice: Using this trading plan you will Always have Free Capital to spent
評論: Notice: You will Always ways to Cut Loss in some positions, even if they failed -25%, it wont cause major damage to your Total Capital
what happens when all your capital gets tied up in random bags and you run out of capital? do you "dollar cost average" another 10%?
@iamomeed, u have to be in 50+ trades to runout free capital
iamomeed a.shevelev002
@a.shevelev002, i put too much in TRX and XRP :)

Why the CARDANO idea was removed mate ???

@Aikido_1, i dont know(
i did post it again
Thanks ! how to sell on the goals? 5 goals,% for each goal ?
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Good idea! Great wisdom! How I wished I have known and applied this before now!
Thanks !
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This is great! Thanks Artem!
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