Power Ledger (POWR) a new star is rising.

BITTREX:POWRBTC   PowerLedger / Bitcoin
This coins is a very promising one, massive support from community and governments (Australia), if you didn't get any you should because it will become massive soon (already did an impressive move).
The down trend wave has just started so the final wave will start soon. A good point to buy back is 0.00005000 BTC . Unfortunately cannot be both with USD but if it does it will explode. I'm a little bit speculating how high the final wave will go since we do not have historical data but from my sources the target is expected to be $1 - $1.30.
The time will tell.
交易進行: My prediction came very closed and that shows me and you guys how volatile this market is. You do not want to play with people emotions no matter what.
Anyway here we go with two scenarios. By the way I'm still very bullish so I'm in favor of first scenario but I cannot dismiss the second.


We could very well have seen the correction I depicted on second chart. A new cycle should start again.
交易進行: Update

So far is following exactly the wave line I drown, damn it :)
Very volatile coin, my advice: do not buy above 6100, you can speculate but then be prepared to be burned. My going to watch the show for now.
交易進行: New buy opportunity. descending channel will resolve bullish but needs to bounce once more and test 6000 - 6500 range support.
交易進行: Update, the up trend is continuing, no reason to panic. Volatility is still high we might see a correction soon because of the 0.38 Fib which was tested twice and failed. Will see what happens.
評論: Update
交易進行: Update
交易進行: Better perspective
交易進行: Update
交易進行: This is probably my last update. Very bullish still, with the insane volume and hype around there is no limit how high it can go as long as people want to buy it. Let see where the top actually is because is going to be awesome.
This could be the end and top of POWR for a while. Bearish engulfing is not the sign I was looking for but here we are having it. Small chance to go upper. I'm holding my coins for now for a higher trade.
交易進行: Another update

It seems that the bearish engulfing is not affecting too much the up trend, we are still bullish but again it needed to slow down a little so it can have a healthy grow up. My targets are still in place: 15000 but I may go as far as 19000 if I see enough volume coming in as was yesterday case.
交易進行: Here is I hope a good news: bullish engulfing.
This is the current situation, pretty gray.
交易進行: Could this be a new beginning?
交易進行: Make it of fake it
取消訂單: We are probably done with this coin for a while. I will sell some other time when the market will be more favorable.
I'm going to close this thread and if it come back I will make a new chart.
Here is my prediction:

Bye the dip, sell the top.
Thanks everybody for likes and contributing to my idea. I'm very happy I could help some of you I hope.
There appears to be a H&S formed, would you agree?
pgarret stovemandan
@stovemandan, Yes I do agree with that. I saw it this morning on 15. Apparently a smaller one is forming now so eventually is going to go down more. It depends on the volume by now, if people still go behind at lower prices, it could go up again and test the 11000. Will see.
Its not retracing
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Thanks P- I made 25% on this overnight!!!
Firstly i would like to say thank you for this TA chart i am relatively new to this but have found this has helped me a lot with POWR. I have made some mistakes with FOMO buy in points but because of this recent TA by yourself i made my first really good buy in am looking at another point to increase my small pile. I was thinking 0.00009471 is a good fibonacci target for another purchase but was curious to what you thought? Once again thank you for your help!
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pgarret PomTeters
@PomTeters, I stopped buying when crossed 6500, I cannot advice you on this. The risk is huge unless you want to take it. It could work, is your call. Good luck.
PomTeters pgarret
@pgarret, I mean i plan on holding for a very long time and don't trade. However i still like to get the best price for when i can increase my holdings. My first buy was at 6600 but unfortunately at the time i didn't have access to more purchasing power (pay day came 2 days late) How i see it is even if it drops short term it won't matter as i really believe in PL and it is still a bargain for hodler's. Very bullish on this for 2018.
pgarret PomTeters
@PomTeters, Ok for long term is another story, but why would you buy at 9500? when after the top the coin with correct 80% of its top value. Buy the dip and sell the top isn't it? that is what I can say and that is what I'm doing, no exceptions.
Nice, just keep holding
@Stoveman you need to take the emotion out of trading and think of it as numbers not money, that helps.
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Sold half of my bag at Monday’s dive. I am new to this and struggling to see when I should buy back in! Any advice?

I bought originally at $0.38 and I believe in the project but the dive scared me! I wish I had just held as I said to myself I would.
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