POWR on its way for a rebounce

BITTREX:POWRBTC   PowerLedger / Bitcoin
We have broken the black bullish Pennant to create another smaller bullish yellow Pennant .
Apperently we failed with the yellow triangle due to the BTC peak.
On the bigger scale we have still our pink descending Triangle .
We are oversold on the 30m, 1h and 2h chart.
Hence we shouldn't go lower than the next supportlevel nearby 0.00005sat.
Hopefully we see a nice rebounce there. :-)
Such an amazing project. One would think a solid reversal is coming very soon.
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dewalea4 ChrisGillespie
@ChrisGillespie, doesn't look like it with the BTC carnage going on
@dewalea4, BTC killed it
dewalea4 MuffyPuffy
@MuffyPuffy, Well it seems to be stable till BTC decides to do another ATH
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