QCOM - Buy for Long Term Investment

I think current price discounts all the negative information related to QCOM ( Apple moving to Intel , Regulatory fines etc...).

If AVGO acquires QCOM then you'll have 25% return. If AVGO doesn't acquire QCOM and QCOM acquires NXP then that will be a huge plus for QCOM . NXP acquisition increases QCOM's margins down the line.

5G launch (Pilot phase in 2018 in USA and Japan. By the end of 2020 several countries will have 5G on full scale basis) will boost QCOM earnings significantly. Its agreements with Samsung, Oppo, Xiomi and other mobile manufacturers are major support. Any support from Apple will be just a bonus. 5G launch will make QCOM a top class investment for another 6 years.

Disclaimer: This is just my opinion, not an advice. Trade at your own risk.
評論: Laptop/ Desktop Chips, Chips for 5G connected an additional bonus market for QCOM. If it succeeds in convincing clients that QCOM chips can compete with INTC chips and are a better deal in terms of pricing and increases brand awareness among customers in Laptop space then it can start to grow in that market too...
評論: For short term, if there are any concerns about down fall (due to overall bearish market or QCOM shareholders rejecting Broadcom nominees to the board) then I would buy a protective put option.
評論: I'm buying QCOM here
評論: It held the support as expected...
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