From start to finish TA on QTUM

BITTREX:QTUMBTC   Qtum / Bitcoin
Checkout my youtube channel "highaltitudeinvesting" for the video that goes along with this chart thank you!
評論: QTUM looking great! I am using USD charts from now on they are wayyyy more accurate
評論: QTUM broke down and failed to play the 3 leg expecting a bounce in the .00100 satoshi range
If you have any updates on this please do inform us. Seeing that the whole market takes a decrease.
Thank you for keeping us updated. Hope everyone in here can stay profitable with this coin. It seems everything looks good!
Do you think is it a good entry in this support?
What was your target?
@b1tc0n, The green line at .007377
CptBanzai Dalin_anderson

i see that you are using USD charts for qtum now.

is your target still at .007377 in bitcoin. I have a little bit invested and i will exit at 0.0068
CptBanzai Dalin_anderson
@Dalin_anderson, Could you tell us what your exit is in satoshi. It can't be .007377 anymore.
Thanks for the TA
I enjoy your channel. You have a bright future young man ! Most people your age are playing Xbox
@Red_Dog, Thank you ! I appreciate that haha
did we already see the little correction from the rsi bear div ?
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