Qwark vs BTC (mid&long term opportunity invesment 569% profits)

BITTREX:QWARKBTC   Qwark / Bitcoin
I would like to share a quick analysis with you about Qwark (QWARK) against Bitcoin 2.29% ( BTC 2.29% ):

We will be looking here mainly at the daily chart . Here is what you can notice at first glance from the chart:
We can clearly see after QWARK broke out the falling wedge and reached ATL at price 0.00000845 started to pull back to our buy zone which is the green area .

- Indicators: MACD , STOCH , ADX & DMI

MACD : showing negative value which was caused by recent selling off after BTC correction .. eventually with any move it will support the bullish run .
STOCH : is at the over sold Area .. with more volume this should back to higher values ..
ADX & DMI : ADX showing strong move ,
+DMI showing strong buying inside the consolidation zone ..

*** Instructions
Buy-in: 0.00002100– 0.00002510

Stop-loss: 0.00001360
Targets :
1- 0.00003500
2- 0.00006016
3- 0.00007613
4- 0.00009210
5- 0.00011100
6- 0.00014380 (OLD ATH ) AKA "All Time High"

- This coin for mid and long Term investment specially with current Team project of issuing Crypto Credit Cards .
- Use the targets as reference points to sell when you want to take profits. Not all targets are meant to be reached. 100-300% is more than enough profit, and, consider starting to selling small amounts of your coins as soon as you are 30-50% above your own buy-in price. Just some quick suggestions.
- Qwark reached previous ATH at 17th of August 2017 .
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